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Life is Strange: Episode 4 – All Optional Photos

Life is Strange Episode 4 Photos

Find all optional photos in Episode 4: Dark Room

life-is-strange-episode-4-optional-photosLife is Strange: Episode 4 has a total of 10 optional photos you can take. You can check your photo progress in the menu.

Photos you might have missed can be collected through mission select.

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1 – Window00:14
The first photo can be taken 30-40 mins. into the game. You take a photo of Chloe sitting at her desk.

2 – Nest with Eggs00:43
Optional photo 2 can be taken in the garage right after you took photo number 1. The story will lead you into the garage where you can see a nest hidden away in the back on the left side. Look at the nest first, then remove the plank and you can take the photo.

3 – Pile of Stones01:47
Go straight ahead after you get to the dorm area. The pile of stones for photo 3 is at the end of the walkway on the left side.

4 – Squirrels02:31
Continue on from photo 3 you took in the dorm area and walk over to samuel who is sitting on a bench. Start talking to him and choose to talk about animals first and then about squirrels. After the 2 squirrels come over, grab the food that is sitting next to Samuel and give it to the squirrel on the walkway. It will run to the other squirrel and you can take your photo.

5 – Footprints04:35
Get inside the dorm building and take a right to see the footprints outside the window.

6 – Whale05:23
Photo 6 can be found on the beach. Walk over to the right to see a couple of dead whales. Take of photo of the one in the middle.

7 – Bird and Windmill06:00
When you arrive at the barn, go straight to the fence on the left where the windmill is. Take a photo of the bird that is sitting on that fence. The bird flies away pretty quickly, so you might have to rewind time to get the shot.

8 – Owl06:43
After you enter the barn, find the hidden hatch. You can feel the controller rumbling when you step onto it. First you have to discover it and then interact with it again to be able to climb up. Once you’re up, go to the end of the small walkway and take a picture of the owl that is sitting in the back.

9 – Skeleton Graffiti08:43
Once you arrive at the party, go straight ahead and turn right to get to the VIP section. Go into the bathroom next to it and take a photo of the guy standing in front of the skeleton graffiti. You have to look at it from the right angle to get the shot.

10 – Double Moon09:38
The last photo can be taken right next to the entrance of the party. So if you come from the skeleton graffiti photo, go back to where you entered the party. Look up and position yourself so that you can see two moons through the upper windows.

Life is Strange Episode 4 Photos
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