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Batman: Arkham Knight – Best Easter Eggs

Batman: Arkham Knight Easter Eggs

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Easter Egg 1: Victor Zsasz

During the course of the main campaign you will be required to survey some surveillance footage. If you monitor the bottom left screen, you will spot a cameo from DC villain, Victor Zsasz.

Easter Egg 2: Metal Gear Solid (00:42)

One of the death cutscenes references the Metal Gear Solid series.

Easter Egg 3: Girl Singing (00:55)

Founders Island contains a shrine to Solomon Grundy. It includes some very creepy singing from a young child.

Easter Egg 4: Batgirl (01:24)

Inside the clocktower, you can find Batgirls costume…

Easter Egg 5: Lex Luthor (02:31)

There are several references to Supermans Nemesis, Lex Luthor. Firstly you can find a building of his on Founders Island.
He also leaves a message on “Bruce Waynes” answering machine where he offers one billion dollars to buy Wayne Techs Applied science division…

Easter Egg 6: Smallville (04:14)

There are also several newspapers scattered about, mentioning that Smallville has been struck by a meteor. This is a reference to an explosion on the planet “Krypton” which sent red, green and blue meteor rocks hurtling towards earth.

Easter Egg 7: Posters (04:28)

You can also find posters around the city which advise you to “Run to Keystone” or “Fly to Metropolis”. Keystone being the home of The Flash, famed for his extremely fast running speeds, and Metropolis obviously being the home of Superman.

Easter Egg 8: Green Arrow (04:44)

Also on Founders Island you can find a building under the name of Queen Industries. The Company is owned by Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow.


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