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OFFICIAL Fallout 4 Trailer revealed – more to come at E3

OFFICIAL Fallout 4 Trailer revealed

Here it is. Everybody kind of knew it was coming, but man, the wait seemed forever.

The big reveal will take place at E3 later this month and with this first trailer setting the stage, we can most likely expect gameplay footage at  the Expo.

This first footage definitely makes a good impression and shows a lot of different environments and the upgraded graphics. Here and there you can spot some rough edges with the lighting or character animations but there’s a good chance that this is not exactly the newest build. If the rumours about the graphical artist, who was hired to work on this trailer from December 2014-March 2015 are true, the footage from this trailer is months old. So it’s very likely that we will see some good improvements over the next months.

Graphics this or that, this is a new Fallout and anyone who has ever played Fallout 3 knows it’s the world and all the little details that are so fascinating and make this one of the most anticipated games.

So, with Bethesda’s own rule not to show footage too early for their games and usually a year in advance, we can hope for a release within the next 12 month.


OFFICIAL Fallout 4 Trailer revealed
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