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Destiny Expansion 3 confirmed for E3 2015 – New DLC being revealed on june 16-18

Destiny Expansion 3 confirmed for E3 2015

This years E3 line-up has just gotten a little more interesting with a confirmation (IGN) that a Destiny Expansion 3 will make an appearance at the Expo in Los Angeles. The rest is very much up to speculation right now, but it is definitely a little strange to see new content being announced on june 16-18, when the last DLC, House of Wolves just came out this month.

Given the timing, it would be very surprising if the new expansion shows itself in more than a short teaser format.


DLC Timeline (from January by LittleBigOkey)


sources: IGN, Reddit

OPINION: While Bungie addressed many issues the community had with destiny, the way the first two expansion were rolled out seemed to be set in stone from the get go. The first big hint was that certain House of Wolves areas could be accessed shortly after the initial release of the game. So it’s save to say that story-wise and the way the content had to be presented, was already too far planned out and maybe even finished to change more than the smaller issues.

I still believe Bungie is focused on fixing the storytelling issues, truly adding some more variety to activities (HoW Bounties!!!), more planets and so on. Bungie is very clear about wanting to listen to the community to improve the game. They know what has priority for gamers, but it really seems they are being held back by their own set in stone expansions.

My hope is, that this third expansion is the true shift in gears, that is brewing behind closed doors and had to make way for fixing the many smaller flaws of the game.

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