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Destiny – Easy Vault Management App – Tower Ghost App

Destiny – Easy Vault Management App


This vault management app has been around for a while now and has improved to an amazing extension to your Destiny experience. It spared me so much headache since i use it, it’s ridiculous.

Doing Nightfall and Weekly runs with all characters and having to go back and forth to the tower just to change all your gear is a thing of the past.


So if you’ve never heard of this app, here’s some of the main features Richard Pinedo, who created it, has put in his Tower Ghost chrome app.

  • Swap anything (gear, consumables, ships, shaders,…) between characters or the vault at any time. There’s also an option to directly place a weapon into the equipped slot.
  • See all Weapons and Armor pieces that you are missing in your collection
  • Filter Equipment you have earned from certain activities (VoG, Crota’s End, Iron Banner,..)
  • Filter Weapon damage type (Arc, Solar, Void)
  • Filter Equipment XP progress
  • Filter Tier type (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Exotic)
  • Filter Weapon type (Hand Cannon, Auto Rifle, Rocket Launcher,…)


And last but not least, you can actually create your own loadouts. 

So if you’re like me and have spent way to much time cruising around in orbit, get yourself the Tower Ghost App and support Richard Pinedo. He’s doing the lords work.

Tower Ghost APP>> (free in the Google Web Store)

Destiny – Easy Vault Management App


All Bounty Targets and Ether Chest Locations:





Bounties without Ether Chests


Wolf Enforcer (EARTH / THE BLAST)
Queenbreaker Captain (EARTH / DOCK 13)

Tracer Shanks (EARTH / THE BREACH)


Wolf Scavengers (MOON / HALL OF WISDOM)
Skoriks, The Archon Slayer (MOON / CIRCLE OF BONES)
Twisted Claws (MOON / WORLD’S GRAVE)


Wolves’ Guard (VENUS / CAMPUS 9)
Queenbreaker Vandals (VENUS / THE CINDERS)
Howling Raiders (VENUS / HALL OF WHISPERS)

All Dead Ghost Locations


Tower ghosts (4)
Earth  ghosts (17)
Moon ghosts (9)
Venus ghosts (14)
Mars ghosts (18)


House of Wolves (6)
The Dark Below (9)

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