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The Evil Within: The Consequence THERE WILL NOT BE BLOOD Guide

Gamerscore 20 - AchievementBronze Trophy

Get through the hotel without being spotted or killing. (Ch. 4)


  • reloading a save game is allowed if you get spotted
  • an orange indicator doesn’t count as being spotted


The Evil Within The Consequence THERE WILL NOT BE BLOOD Achievement / Trophy Guide

For “There will not be Blood”, you will have to get through the hotel without killing enemies or get spotted. Only three sections in the hotel have enemies.

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SECTION 1 (Burn 1 painting) 00:03

You can distract the first enemy by shouting and the second one with the bottle that is on the floor after the first corner. You will have enough time to burn the painting. After that the enemies are gone and you finished the first section.

SECTION 2 (Exploding enemies) 01:21

The next part has several exploding enemies that roam through the room. If one blows up it counts as being spotted and you have to load the last autosave.

Go through the vent, throw a bottle to distract the enemies and get the keycard. No crawl back out and push the cart forward to open up the way to the door. Use the keycard and you’re done.

SECTION 3 (Burn 3 paintings) 04:27

The last room is the most difficult one, but not too hard if you know the way.

Grab the bottle after the corner and distract the enemy that is by the right painting, similar to the first section.

Now walk back to the left side of the room and go into the little vent that is on the front wall. Go left distract the enemy again with the bottle that’s on the ground and burn the second painting.

After that, the hardest part is done. Go back into the vent and follow it straight. To the left you can see the door that leads to the last painting. Wait for the right time and exit the vent when the two enemies turn their back.

After you burn the last painting you are clear and can collect the achievement/trophy outside the hotel.

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