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Destiny: House of Wolves Trailer and Release Date revealed

Destiny House of Wolves trailer

Activision announced today that the second Expansion for Destiny will drop on May 19. House of Wolves also got a first teaser which doesn’t show in-game footage, but does a good job of setting the mood and stakes of the upcoming content.

It will be interesting to see what bungie did with the feedback they got from the community. The first expansion, The Dark Below, was nearly finished when feedback about storytelling, world building and mechanics came in. So this could mark a real turning point for how content is handled and how much variety we get.

While I’m optimistic that Bungie comes out strong with House of Wolves, i still have this fear that nothing too major will change. But, let’s hope for the best.

I still go back to the weekly strikes and nightfalls to collect like a mad man, so they did something right to keep me hooked. The pile of strange coins is waiting to be spent. Let’s hope for some fun new toys.

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