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Destiny Farming RELIC IRON on Mars

Destiny Farming RELIC IRON on Mars – Farming Guide

Starting point for this route is directly at the patrol spawn.

First off, it’s important that you also check the upper area where you start. Most people run just the small farming route at the bottom (where the constant battle takes place). If you do that you will find less and less items because relic iron and chests keep spawning not just there and after round 1 or 2 the items will sit elsewhere and you’ll be running in small circles only finding maybe 1 new item every now and then. So, broaden your route like in the video and you’ll find a lot more items.

Like with the other farming spots, you will run “circles” around this big area over and over to pick up respawned relic iron and chests. These items will respawn immediately, you just have to find them. If you know most of the spots and know where to look, you can pick them up very easy and farm them pretty efficiently.

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