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Alien Isolation JUST OUT OF REACH

Gamerscore 40 - AchievementBronze Trophy

Escape comms without an android attack in mission 4


Alien Isolation JUST OUT OF REACH – Achievement / Trophy Guide

During the whole mission you are not allowed to attack an android or be attacked by one. If you get chased, you can still hide and try to make it, or you load up the mission again. You can also make manual saves at the phones and keep the progress.

Once you take the ELEVATOR(3:08), it is best that you stay undetected until the cutscene because you have to walk the same way back and it makes the movement of the androids unpredictable if they chase you from the elevator room.

On your way back you will come across a couple of androids standing in your path. Avoid them by sneaking past them through nearby room. Once you’re back where you started, you only have to activate the elevator. So it doesn’t matter if you get chased at the end.

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