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Metro Last Light Redux INVISIBLE SOLDIER

Gamerscore 30 - AchievementBronze Trophy
Invisible Soldier

REVOLUTION without killing (stealth)


Metro Last Light Redux INVISIBLE SOLDIER – Achievement / Trophy Guide

Knocking enemies out and reloading checkpoints is still getting you the Achievement/Trophy.

Once you come to the first open area, stay on the right side in the shadows and wait at the CONSTRUCTION CAR (1:12). It takes a while until he gets down and walks away. Enter the door and turn right in the room. Climb the first ladder and drop into the underground path once you come down. Back up, stick to the walls and climb the next ladder. Deactivate the ventilation system but don’t take out the GUARD IN THE CONTROL CENTER (2:56). This never ended well for me.

Stick to the left wall in the next room and you should get to the door at the end of the room without a problem. Once you are in the next area, walk past the guards and stay left. Walk towards the GATE WITH THE GREEN LIGHT(4:26). Sprint and crouch just before you get to the opening gate. You can reach a good hiding spot just after the gate and avoid the next enemies altogether. From there, use your compass and move forward until the Achievement/Trophy pops.

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