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Destiny Farming SPINMETAL on Earth

Destiny Farming SPINMETAL on Earth – Farming Guide

You can choose the Mission “The Devil’s Lair” on earth to get directly to the “Rocketyard” where you will farm, but it’s not the smoothest solution because you’re not doing the strike and the other two guys have to do it alone.
The best way to get there is to go into patrol mode and walk through the complex to your right to “The Divide”. Go straight and you’ll be at the “Rocketyard”.

The key thing here is to memorize all the possible spots where spinmetal and chests spawn, so you get the most out of your loot runs. This location has many spots where items spawn and it really pays to know all the spots. Chests can also hold more than one spinmetal.
You’ll be running in a circle around this area and while you are picking up items, they will respawn at a different spot, so you can do this run as often as you want.

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