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Metro 2033 Redux MERCIFUL

Gamerscore 30 - AchievementBronze Trophy

Completed Black Station without killing or knocking out


Metro 2033 Redux MERCIFUL – Achievement / Trophy Guide

You can ignore almost every enemy in Black Station and just focus on getting to the end of the chapter. It doesn’t matter if they see you as long as you don’t get killed, which is not too hard.
Disarm the 2 traps at the beginning and start sprinting until you get to a hole in the wall. Sometimes the enemy at the TRAIN (0:46) will wait for you, but you can just run past him. Once you exit the train there will be an opening on the left with a door.

Once you made it through the SPIDERWEBS (1:05) there’s also an enemy that sometimes waits for you. Run past him like before and enter the small passageway on the right and into the door. Follow this section and go up the stairs until you see and ENEMY SITTING ON THE FLOOR (1:50).

You can either run past him, which can be risky because there are more enemies, or just wait until he puts his head down.Sneak past him and go right into the HOLE IN THE FLOOR (2:10). That’s all enemies for this chapter. You only have to watch out for one trap in this tunnel. After that, just follow the way and make it to your mate in the railcar.

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