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Guacamelee – EL SAVIOR All 6 Orbs

Gamerscore 150 - AchievementGold Trophy
El Savior

You found all of the Orbs and saved Lupita


Location: Agave Fields (House from the beginning of the game)

Chicken Transformation (LB/L1) and changing Dimensions are needed (RT/R2)

Orb 2


Location: Caverna del Pollo

The mechanic behind this Orb is a little hard to understand at first. You basically want to open all gates on the main floor to get to the Orb room. To do that you will have to drop to a lower level in front of a closed gate and fight through several Arenas. Once you’re done with these you get the message that you hear a rumble. So you go back to the main floor where the gate is now open. Repeat this until you reach the Orb room.

Dashing Derpderp (left or right and B/O) and Olmec’s Headbutt (B/O) are needed.

Orb 3


Location: Forest del Chivo

Make sure to move quick after pulling the lever. There is a little bit of room for error but it’s not much. If you don’t make it and the hole in the ground closes you can always go back and try it again.

Goat Fly (left or right and Y/Triangle) and Chicken Transformation (LB/L1) are needed.

Orb 4


Location: Tule Tree

Enter the Tule Tree by the Teleporter and drop down to the lower floor. If this is closed with a red stone you will have to climb all the way up first. Once your on top you can drop down all the way. Which brings you exactly to the spot where you would have fallen if the red stone wasen’t there. Now destroy the blue stone and Goat run to the top were you have to do some challenging platforming to get to the Orb

Orb 5


Location: Sierra Morena (Sierra Mountains)

Enter Sierra Mountains from Santa Luchita. Make your way over the big gap and Goat Fly to a small platform in the air. The following rooms are variations of platforming challenges were the platforms are changing position. You will have to make use of all your abilities and get better with trial and error. The last room will take some practice but if you stick with it and remember the patterns and you will reach the top. The good thing is that it’s not random and you really can practice your perfect run.

Orb 6


Location: Infierno

After you completed 10 Challenges with Gold, the door on the bottom floor will open and you can collect the Orb after following a short path.

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