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Gamerscore 5 - AchievementBronze Trophy
Altruist Acolyte

You delivered an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult


Missable if you complete all but didn’t deliver them to the cult or if you choose story option A athe the end of the game.

To find someone you can deliver to the Altruist Cult you have to find on of the random events. Fortunately these are not really that random and you can find them at specific spots on the map.

The best place to pick someone up is in the Sandy Shores because the way to the Cult is not very long compared to the time it takes to deliver someone from the city in the south area.

If the couple is not standing at the parking space, take your car for a small ride in Sandy Shores and come back. That’s what i did and they magically appeared. Listen to them and get into their car. Once they’re inside open up you map and ignore the yellow waypoint. Instead make a waypoint to the cult in the North West of them map. Drive there and the Achievement / Trophy is yours after a short cutscene.

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