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Sniper Elite 3 – DOUBLE TAP

Gamerscore 10 - AchievementBronze Trophy
Double tap

Incapacitate 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds

Mission 6

For this achievement you first need to destroy two vehicles seperately in order to spawn in the two trucks you need.

First take out the vehicle with the gunner thats driving in circles. It makes the whole think a lot easier when you take care of the soldiers first. There’s nothing here you could miss so you can take your time.

After you destroyed the vehicle, the first truck will arrive. Kill the soldiers that jump out and go to the main objective. kill the enemy target and take the intel.

Next, take out the tiger tank with two mines. The second truck is now also in place and you can take your time to destroy them back to back. The two trucks will always park in the same spot.

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