Destiny 2 NESSUS Treasure Map Locations (WEEK #14 December 5) Cayde-6 Treasure Maps

Destiny 2 NESSUS Treasure Map Locations (WEEK #14 December 5) Cayde-6 Treasure Maps

All Cayde-6 Treasure Map Locations for Week 14, November 5 – December 12.
Nessus Treasure Map Location 1 (00:03)
“I Should’ve realized something was up when the Vex letting me move through portals so freely. And I usually have a good nose for traps. Maybe you’ll have better luck?” — Cayde-6

Nessus Treasure Map Location 2 (00:49)
“Thought I’d escaped, but you know how the Vex are. I got as far as this energy shield, thinking it was a way out. Dead end. So I dropped what I had there and tried to shoot through. Bam! Right back into the loop.” — Cayde-6

Nessus Treasure Map Location 3 (01:30)
“So down I went. I thought maybe the deeper it got, the better access I would have to their core Mind or Nexus points. I do read Ikora’s Vex reports. Sometimes. Anyway, found nothing but roots.” –Cayde-6

Nessus Treasure Map Location 4 (02:08)
“Of Course, I didn’t go charging into Nessus without a plan. I made sure I had caches everywhere. Started with the first dead Vex construct I found.” — Cayde-6

Nessus Treasure Map Location 5 (02:37)
“So this cache… I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. How do you feel about climbing trees?” ” –Cayde-6