N31L Sticker Locations – Infinite Warfare Zombies (Spaceland)

N31L Sticker Locations – Infinite Warfare Zombies (Spaceland)

N31L requires three parts for his sticker set. His Head, the auxiliary battery and the operating system.

Pick up the head behind the first portal in the main area. It is just behind it on a stand and will always spawn here. Attach it to N31L and complete 5 challenges for him. After that you can interact with N31L again and call in Hasselhoff as friendly AI. He will stay for a few minutes and disappear again. After he is gone you have to find the next part for N31L

Next up collect the auxiliary battery in one of the possible spawn locations. Two spots are in the Kepler area (Icecream stand next to the trap, Bench next to dragon trap) and one spot is in Polar Peak (Trash can after the long hallway)

The last piece you need to bring N31L is the operating system. This sticker part can be found underground in multiple locations.

After returning the operating sytem to N31L and completing the challenges, call Hasselhoff a third time and let him leave again. From now on you can call Hasselhoff for 5000 points with the help of N31L.


  • Justin Sierra

    Battery can be found on the bench in Kepler next to the gator, ice cream stand across from the Chronosphere trap, up the stairs behind the gator on top of a garbage bin with a red top in a corner, on the counter across from the portal in Polar Peak, or in the cubbies in the room that you get on the roller coaster upstairs. Only place I’ve found the floppy disk is the workbench downstairs.