Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – How to find Transportation Specialist (FULTON UPGRADE)

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – How to find Transportation Specialist (FULTON UPGRADE)


To unlock the useful Fulton Device Upgrade CARGO 2, you have to make it to episode 15. There you will have the option to rescue 2 prisoners. One of them being the transportation specialist.

Since i’m not entirely sure if he is always in the same spot i show both locations in the video. Let me know if he is and I’ll add it to the video :).

Once you have extracted them via your fulton device it will take a bit until they arrive at mother base. Once this is done and you meet the other requirements that involve a well leveled staff you can upgrade your fulton device to CARGO 2.

Achievement List:
Completed “PROLOGUE: AWAKENING” mission.

Phantom Limb
Completed “PHANTOM LIMBS” mission.

Completed “WHERE DO THE BEES SLEEP?” mission.

Gears Turn
Completed “HELLBOUND” mission.

Completed “TRAITORS’ CARAVAN” mission.

Completed “VOICES” mission.

Completed “METALLIC ARCHAEA” mission.

Completed “SAHELANTHROPUS” mission.

Completed “CLOAKED IN SILENCE” mission.

Completed “TRUTH: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD” mission.

Completed a mission using a Combat Unit staff member.

Completed all missions.

Completed all mission tasks.

Completed all missions with an S rank.

Completed a SIDE OP.

Completed all “Mine Clearing” SIDE OPS.

Completed all SIDE OPS.

Captured an outpost or guard post.

Captured all outposts and guard posts in Northern Kabul, Afghanistan.

Captured all outposts and guard posts in the Angola-Zaire Border Region.

Completed all key Dispatch Missions.

Played an “Infiltration” FOB mission.

Cry Havoc
Made D-Dog available for deployment.

Made Quiet available for deployment.

Trusty Steed
Raised bond with D-Horse to the maximum.

Man’s Best Friend
Raised bond with D-Dog to the maximum.

War Buddy
Raised bond with Quiet to the maximum.

Fulton extracted an enemy soldier.

Interrogated an enemy soldier.

To The Rescue
Extracted a female prisoner.

Increased Mother Base staff to 50 or more personnel.

Increased Mother Base staff to 250 or more personnel.

Raised all Teams/Units to level 99.

Developed 50 or more development items.

Developed 100 or more development items.

Locked and Loaded
Developed 300 or more development items.

Constructed all available platforms for Mother Base.

Developed a nuclear weapon.

Disposed of a nuclear weapon.

Earned a total of 10,000,000 GMP or more.

Extracted all wild animal species.

Obtained all blueprints and key items.

Obtained all memento photos.

Obtained the codename “Hero.”

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – How to find Transportation Specialist (FULTON UPGRADE)
  • ImBobbi


    I’ve completed episode 15 and 10 (where there is supposed to be a specialist), but I haven’t found one. I can’t come further in the story, because I need to upgrade my Fulton…

    Please help… :I

    • randomchievos

      Hi Bobbi,
      have you extracted both prisoners in mission 15? He is definitely one of the two. Someone told me they got a trap specialist instead of the transportation specialist.

      It tried the mission a few times and it seems the prisoners have different specialities sometimes. Try completing it again. Not sure if it’s a bug or intended that’s the spot to upgrade your fulton.

      • ImBobbi

        Hello there,
        I tried about 5 times, without finding him. I tried a sixth time, and then I found him.

        Dunno what happend, but I think it was some bug.

        Thanks for the respond!!! ;^)

        • randomchievos

          Wow that’s weird… Glad it worked out :)

    • Derrek

      On mission 10 there is an additional 4 prisoners to extract. One locked in a cage at the first location the Jeep stops at, on the right side of the compound, and another at the same base, top floor, right side of the main building. The next two are at the supply depot, back corner room behind a locked door.

      • Omega Pryme

        I’ve already played MGS 5: GZ, but when I tried to download my saved data, it says there’s no GZ data available. Does it make sense to play GZ again and try to get one of the required specialists that way?

        • WHODISIS


      • BlankPages

        I found 5 additional prisoners

  • Deeznutz

    Help! I upgraded the wrong Fulton. The lv1 fulton (one you get at beginning of game) has 2 options/trees it can upgrade into. One is a normal lv2 Fulton and the other is Fulton with cargo. I accidentally upgraded it to the non-cargo Fulton and when I tried to select the cargo one it said “item cannot be downgraded”. What do I do?

    • randomchievos

      I think you have to gather some more materials to get the cargo upgrade. Will take a bit longer but you can still get it.

  • BigBoss25 #FounderofFH

    Actually, you can find a transportation as early as episode 10 Angels with Broken Wings. That way you can get one early, but at least there are other specialists if you miss one XDD Thanks though :D

    • randomchievos

      Thanks. I missed the one in mission 10. But it’s pretty cool to have it this early. Helps out a lot in most mission. :)

      • BigBoss25 #FounderofFH

        No prob. I already put in 21 hours in 4 days of my gameplay so far XD I can’t stop playing.

        • randomchievos

          Yeah, the game is pretty hard to turn off. So much to do and everything is fun to mess around with^^

          • BigBoss25 #FounderofFH

            I already have all the buddies. I just need to wait until Quiet gets out of her cell eventually.

          • randomchievos

            Have you done here side-ops mission? Side-Ops 111, that’s when you unlock here.

          • BigBoss25 #FounderofFH

            Oh damn XDDDD I didn’t know that. I’m sure I have that mission in my side ops. I need to check lol Thanks for letting me know. I was too busy trying to get blueprints and recruiting soldiers that I overlooked.

          • randomchievos

            hehe, yeah some of the best parts are a bit tricky and hidden away.

    • Andrew Emerson

      Hey can you please answer me a question regarding metal gear phantom pain? Why are almost always my side missions during main missions “???” instead of just telling me what I need to do?

  • Omega Pryme

    Who is this Quiet I keep hearing about? How early can I do side Ops 111 to unlock Quiet? The only thing i was excited about is rescuing DD (the puppy) until now. In all honesty, I love MGS series, but I am having a very difficult time getting S-Ranks in MGS5. Mostly because I either rush it and get caught or take too long.

    Let;’s say, I have to go and rescue a goat….can I just return to mother base one I have accomplished that or should I stick around and fulton bodies and risk getting caught?

    • Fuck tha Fame

      Quiet will be unlocked when you go to extract the scientist that works for the skill man guy. On your way there she will attempt to snipe you then you can kill her (have a sniper rifle on you)

      • Aaron Harrington

        lol i killed (or took her down) with the AM MRS-4. I got alot of headshots to.

  • Chuck

    There’s also a transportation specialist in mission 13, according to the debriefing – no clue of where he is tho