Metro Last Light Redux


Gamerscore 15 - AchievementBronze Trophy
Invisible Intruder

Completed the SEPARATION level without killing or raising alarm


Metro Last Light Redux INVISIBLE INTRUDER – Achievement / Trophy Guide

Hide behind the small barrier that’s on the left hand side from the big gate. Let the 2 enemies come all the way back and sneak past them. They won’t see you if you play on normal. Once you’re in, take the WOODEN WAY ON THE LEFT (0:33).

Don’t stop and go right into the next room. TURN LEFT BEFORE THE STAIRS (0:46) and left again and no one will see you. Go up the next set of stairs and shoot out the light or the guard on the lower level will see you if he looks in your direction. Enter the door and point your weapon at the guy so he leaves you alone. Crawl through the exit and the Achievement/Trophy will pop.