Destiny Queens Bounty 3 FALLEN WALKERS

Destiny Queens Bounty 3 FALLEN WALKERS – Bounty Guide

Go to “The Divide” on earth. When you enter the area there is a big open space where a walker will spawn as a public event twice an hour. This area has a very high change of a public event, but i think it won’t happen 100% of the time. The spawn times are xx:15 and xx:45.

Once the Walker drops, take it out like usual but make sure you are the one that lands the final killing shot or it won’t count towards your bounty for the queen.

You can also take on the Walker at the end of the Devil’s Lair strike on earth, but you have to complete about 20-30 of the strike to get the chance to kill him. Also he is a lot stronger and takes longer to kill than the public event Walkers. So it’s easier to just come to the divide at the right time and try to get the killing shot.